provides answers to some common questions, regarding synthetic grass.

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How much does artificial turf cost?

This is probably the most commonly asked question. However, it’s not an easy question to answer. We usually ask you a few questions before we can provide an answer:

Are you having it installed or are you doing it yourself? Where do we need to ship it? How much are you purchasing? Which product are you purchasing?

I know, you just wanted a simple answer to your question.

Here’s a ballpark estimate, but your price will vary, depending on your answers to the questions above: Expect to pay on average $7 – $12 per square foot for artificial grass installation projects under 1,500 square feet nationwide. As with many home improvement projects, the larger the scope, the smaller the cost per square foot for the goods and services.

Is artificial turf worth the cost?

Is carpet worth the cost? What about paint, for the walls of your home? Artificial turf seems expensive when you look at the entire price tag, but if you enjoy a well maintained yard, we think you’ll find that artificial lawns are a good value.

  1. Your lawn will always be in pristine condition. No hurry to maintain it before your in-laws visit. You will never receive a nasty letter from your homeowner’s association. If there’s a drought, your lawn will look great. If there’s a lot of rain, your lawn won’t look like a rain forest.
  2. Your maintenance will be reduced to keeping the leaves off your yard. You won’t have to keep and maintain a mower. You won’t have to pay anyone to cut your grass. You’ll have more free time to enjoy your yard.
  3. Artificial turf looks great where grass can be difficult to grow; In the shade, under the trees, or in places the grass has been worn away. When it rains you won’t be tracking mud into your home, and when it’s dry, it reduces blowing dust. Artificial grass is great around pools. No more tracking grass clippings.
  4. Water restrictions are becoming more strict. The cost of water is rising. If you currently water your lawn, you can save a lot of money with artificial grass. Not only that, you‘ll be helping to conserve our most precious resource. An artificial lawn not only guarantees your home will always look its best, it will add value to your home if you decide to sell it.


How can I use artificial grass?

Artificial grass is an incredibly versatile product with a multitude of uses, including:

  • A low-maintenance, water-conserving alternative to natural grass
  • Pet areas and dog runs
  • Creating green space on balconies & patios
  • Putting greens
  • Doormats
  • Mobile lawns
  • Bocce Ball court
  • Pool surrounds
  • Decorative areas
  • And so many more!

How do I place an order?

We want to make purchasing your rolls of artificial turf as easy as possible. Simply browse our online shop and find the item(s) you would like to order. Place your order online or email us at: info@artificialturf.com

We feature two different options for ordering artificial grass: pre-cut rolls and custom length rolls. The pre-cut rolls are purchased by the roll – add the number of rolls you want to your cart and follow the instructions to check-out.

Custom length rolls are purchased by the square foot. All of our products come in 15’ widths, but with the custom length, you can determine the length of the roll and the overall square footage. Add the square footage to your cart (in multiples of 15) and include the specified roll cuts so that we know how long to cut each of your rolls of turf.

Follow the simple instructions for check out, and your product will be on the way to you in no time at all.

We accept the following forms of payment:

  • Master Card
  • Visa
  • Discover
  • American Express


How much turf do I need?

How much turf you need is entirely dependent on the application and the size of your project. The first step is to determine the square footage of your project. To do this, you will need to take the measurements and determine the area of the space. Surface area is simply the length multiplied by the width.

Now that you have the overall square footage and dimensions of your project, the next step is figuring out the necessary roll cuts (the number of rolls and specified lengths needed to complete the project).

The artificial grass products from Artificial Turf Store come in widths of 15 feet. If your project is 50’ x 20’, then the total square feet is 1,000. Yet, your order must be in 15’ roll widths.

So, you need to assess the property to see which layout makes the most sense to you. You could do two rolls 15’ x 50‘ or you could do three rolls 15’ x 20’ and plan to do something else for the other 5’. How you choose to layout the turf rolls is entirely up to you, but make sure you install them all facing the same direction.

If you have any questions or need any help determining the size of your project, you can reach out to us at any time.

How will my turf arrive?

Artificial turf is shipped in rolls just like carpet. All of our rolls are 15’ wide by whatever length you choose.

These can be rather heavy and cumbersome to manage, and it is vital that you have the means necessary to unload the turf roll(s) off of the delivery truck when it arrives. The truck driver will not assist in unloading the cargo from the truck.

If you are unable to get the turf off of the truck, the driver will return to the shipping terminal with your artificial turf and schedule another delivery time.

How quickly will I receive my turf?

Items will usually ship within five business days. Artificial turf is shipped via commercial freight lines. They do call before a residential delivery so that you can be prepared for their arrival.

The driver will not help offload the turf from the truck – you need to be prepared to transport the cargo from the truck to its final destination. This point cannot be emphasized enough – make sure you are able to unload the turf rolls from the truck when it is delivered. No one with the freight company will help you with this.

What is the Return Policy?

Once the turf is cut and shipped, it cannot be returned. As such, all sales are final. If your turf arrives damaged or you have another question, please contact us via our live chat feature or by emailing info@artificialturf.com.